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    At the origin of the Marianist Sisters were found troubled times, historical changes…and a young girl named Adele.
    1789 : The French Revolution breaks out … Turmoil everywhere … Soon things become detrimental to the Church, persecutions start and the cult of the goddess « Reason » replaces the Christian faith.

    A young Bordeaux priest, William Joseph Chaminade, who is 28 then, tries to continue his priestly tasks at the risk of his life, and refuses to sign what they called the « Civil Constitution of the Clergy » and, after a clandestine period, is compelled to leave the Aquitaine province to take refuge in Spain.
    A hundred kilometres from Bordeaux Adèle was born in the castle of
    Trenquéllion. Quite soon, this girl was seized by a deep love of Christ so much so that at the age of 14, she asked permission from her mother to enter a Carmel monastery, but her family, who stood in the service of the King of France, had to leave France and to go into exile first to Portugal, and later to Spain.

    Two persons they were, two singular vocations, two destinies that
    were to share their intuitions thanks to a third person. They will never meet except by corresponding. In 1808 Chaminade is 47, and Adèle 19. Overflowing with missionary dynamics, they have committed themselves to reconstructing the Christian fabric of their country which had completely fallen apart from the social as well as the material and spiritual point of view. Chaminade assembles lay people, men and women of all social classes and ages. Adèle has created an association of young girls to serve the poor and evangelize the countryside. So the two of them are on the same wave-length, as the Holy Spirit acts in them.

    Chaminade shows Adèle the advantages of the consecration to Mary and gradually the « dear project » grown in Adèle’s heart, materializes on May 25, 1816.

    Current Council 2022-2027

    • Sr. Prudance ADOKI, Togolese, Assistant for Religious Life
    • Sr. Susanna KIM SU-SEON-NA, Korean, Mother General
    • Sr. Michaela LEE POK-SUN, Korean, Assistant for Temporalities
    • Sr. Clotilde FERNANDEZ del POZO, Spanish,  Assistant for Education

    M. Adèle

    1816 – 1828

    M. St. Vincent

    1830 – 1856

    M. Joseph

    1856 – 1874

    M. Sophie

    1874 – 1888

    M. Stanislas

    1888 – 1907

    M. Thérèse
    de St. Joseph

    1907 – 1918

    M. Mecthilde

    1919 – 1937

    M. Adèle

    1937 – 1959

    M. du St. Sacrement

    1959 – 1972

    M. Aránzazu

    1972 – 1982

    M. Teresa

    1982 – 1992

    M. Blanca

    1992 – 2002

    Marie Joëlle

    2002 – 2012

    M. Franca

    2012 – 2022

    M. Susanna

    2022 – 20xx