• Justice & Peace

    This project is a collaborative effort of the JPIC Commission in the name of UISG and the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM).


    Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation: A Joint Commission of the USG & the UISG Campaign

    A project in which every Sister whose congregation is a member of UISG, and their connections are provided with an opportunity to make a difference in our care of the planet.

    Pope Francis has underlined the fundamental connection that exists between the environmental crisis and the social crisis that we are experiencing and is asking for. He often reminds us:  “Everything is interconnected.” (Link)


    The Creation and the Korean FMI community

    Volunteers who produce fermented EM liquid – Inchon Chaminade Residence

    EM for the care of our common home


    God’s gift seems to fill the whole world.


    EM, which means effective microorganism, contains microorganisms that have been used by humans for a long time to ferment food. These microorganisms are symbiotic with each other through antioxidant action and suppress corruption. EM has the effect of overcoming the pollution and harmful effects of natural and living environment by improving the action of these microorganisms; oxidation of metals and foodstuffs, air purification, water purification. In everyday life, EM is widely used for bacteria prevention, drainage purification, clothes washing, shower, vegetable and fruit washing, disinfection, mold removal and so on.

    In Korea, there have been various promotional activities and education programs for EM in Catholic churches and in society over the past three decades. And there is a free supply system of EM fermented liquid at district offices and community centers in various regions, and there are EM outlets everywhere, so many people are taking advantage of EM to create a pleasant living environment. It is heard that EM is now being used in a variety of fields such as architecture, medical care, environment and food and shelter in more than 150 countries around the world.

    Many toiletries and cleaning products are made from petroleum, which makes them release compounds that are toxic to the environment (air and water). The Marianist sisters of Korea, for years, join the effort of many to have ecological habits that respect nature.

    FMI, Korea Community.
    EM fermented liquid production

    Ingredients: water or rice water, undiluted EM solution, molasses or unrefined sugar.

    EM distributor