Act of dedication to Mary

    O Lord our God,
    In order to redeem us all and lead us to yourself,
    You sent us your beloved Son,
    Who was made flesh
    And born of the Virgin Mary.

    Grant that we may be formed by her
    in the image of her Son,
    And help us participate
    In the love of Christ for his Mother.

    You associated Mary in the mystery of her Son
    So that she might be the new Eve,
    Mother of the living.

    Confirm the alliance that we have made with her.
    May our devotedness extend her maternal charity on earth
    And promote the growth of the Church, the body of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

    Three o’clock prayer

    Lord Jesus we gather in
    spirit at the foot of the Cross
    With your Mother and the
    disciple whom you loved.
    We ask your pardon for our
    sins which are the cause of
    your death. We thank you for
    remembering us in that hour
    of salvation and for giving us
    Mary as our Mother.

    Holy Virgin, take us under
    your protection
    And open us to the action
    of the Holy Spirit.

    Saint John obtain for us
    the grace of taking Mary
    into our lives as you did,
    and of assisting her in her
    mission. AMEN

    Prayer For The Canonization of Blesses W. J. Chaminade

    O Lord,
    you are constantly at work in Your Church,
    and through individuals and communities
    You manifest Your Spirit for the good of Your people.

    In a special way You bestowed Your Spirit
    on Your servant Blessed William Joseph Chaminade,
    so that he might live fully according to the Gospel
    and with love devote himself to Your saving work.

    You have inspired communities of men and women
    to follow his example by consecrating themselves to You to serve
    the Church under the leadership of Mary.

    We now pray to You to give us visible sign of Your grace
    and holiness in his life by granting us the special favors
    we ask through his intercession, especially…

    May the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
    be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

    Prayer For The Canonization of Blesses Mother Marie de la Conception

    Oh God, source of life and holiness,
    we thank you for giving Blessed Adele de
    Batz de Trenquelléon to the Church.

    You filled her with a profound love for
    Christ, a love which compelled her to serve
    young people and the poor.
    You created in her an ardent missionary
    spirit and a deep filial love for the Virgin
    Mary, our Mother.

    May her example help us grow in faith,
    fill us with hope,
    and inspire us to boldly and lovingly
    announce the joy of the Gospel.

    We ask You, through the intercession of
    Adele, to grant us the grace ( … )
    And if it is your will, grant that one day,
    Adele may be canonized for the Glory of
    your Name and for the service of your people.

    Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

    Prayer of the Bicentennial

    We invite our brothers and sisters to use the following prayer in celebration of the Bicentennial. It can be recited in its entirety, or as two distinct prayers, concluding always with the Marianist doxology.

    O Lord, gathered together in your name,
    we give thanks for these two hundred years of Marianist religious life
    of which we are heirs and joyful witnesses.
    You, who inspired in Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, together with Venerable Adele de Trenquelléon, the foundation of our institutes,
    grant us the grace to live the spirit which animated their lives, the strength of their faith and their apostolic courage.
    Help us, who follow their footsteps,
    to know, love and serve passionately, in alliance with Mary,
    the mission confided to her in the history of salvation,
    that of forming in faith a multitude of brothers and sisters of your Son.

    Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, our Mother,
    we entrust to your maternal care the fruits of this Jubilee Year.
    Help us renew our life and our mission.
    Awaken in us a passion for the Kingdom of God,
    for which your son gave his life.
    Fill us with your merciful love,
    attentive to all the needs of the men and women
    with whom we share this time in history.
    Like you, we sense our poverty and weakness,
    but we trust in the power of the Spirit to strengthen us.
    Make our communities a home for love, for justice and for peace.
    So, in your name, we will continue hearing witness to the presence of Christ
    and we will show, as our founders desired,
    that even today the Gospel can be lived
    with the full rigor of its letter and its spirit.

    May the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
    Be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary!